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“I Have a Son to Offer”—An Online Exhibition of American Civil War Artworks in Harvard Collections, organizer and author, from Nov. 30, 2007 [Temporarily suspended by the Harvard Art Museum in May, 2009 as part of its web site development.]


Bernini’s “Moor”: a Monumental Model for a Roman Fountain (Fogg Art Museum): co-organizer (with Stephan Wolohojian), 2007


“A Public and Patriotic Museum”—Artworks and Artifacts from the General Artemas Ward House (Fogg Art Museum): co-organizer (with Laurel Thatcher Ulrich) and publication author, 2006-7


Rembrandt and the Aesthetics of Technique (Busch-Reisinger Museum): co-organizer (with William W. Robinson) and publication author, 2006


Rubens and His Collaborators (Fogg Art Museum): organizer, 2003


Calming the Tempest with Peter Paul Rubens (Fogg Art Museum): organizer, 2001


French Art of the Seventeenth Century (Fogg Art Museum): organizer, 2000


Gian Lorenzo Bernini: Sketches in Clay (Fogg Art Museum): organizer, 1998


Investigating the Renaissance (Fogg Art Museum): organizer, 1996


Renaissance and Baroque Bronzes from the Alexis Gregory Collection (Fogg Art Museum): organizer, 1996


Sublimations: Art and Sensuality in the Nineteenth Century (Fogg Art Museum): organizer, 1996


Circa 1874: Emergence of Impressionism (Fogg Art Museum): organizer, 1995


France and the Portrait, 1799-1870 (Fogg Art Museum): organizer, 1995


Canopy (a public art installation in Harvard Yard by David Ward): co-organizer and publication editor and contributor as part of the Harvard University Public Art Residency, 1994


What, if Anything, is an Object? (Fogg Art Museum): co-organizer (with Clive Dilnot), 1994


David Ward: Keepers of Light (Arthur M. Sackler Museum): organizer and publication author, 1993


An Offbeat Collection of Dutch and Flemish Paintings (Fogg Art Museum): organizer and catalogue author, 1993


American and British Figurative Art of the Inter-War Years (Fogg Art Museum): organizer, 1992


Tiepolo in Spain: the Fogg "Aeneas" Sketch Investigated (Fogg Art Museum): organizer, 1992


John Stathatos: Three Heraclitan Elements (Cambridge Darkroom and international tour): publication author, 1991


Wynn Ellis of Whitstable (Royal Museum and Art Gallery, Canterbury and the National Gallery, London): organizer and catalogue author, 1990


Post-Morality (Cambridge Darkroom and Kettle's Yard): catalogue editor, 1990


Shadow of a Dream: Contemporary Photo-Works from France (Cambridge Darkroom and UK national tour): catalogue editor, 1989



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